Crescent Public School
Crescent Public School

Chairman’s Message

The educational institutes run by Modern Education Society, Fatehabad you join will provide you with one of the best opportunities for fast-tracking your understanding of the environment and for developing the knowledge, skills and attitude required to become successful in life.
The excellence at Crescent Institutes is demonstrated by its cohesive and competitive study environment and dynamic diverse life style of the students in the campus. 

The excellence is also observed by the provision of courses that are relevant, up-to-date and reflect the needs of the time.

The Crescent Institutes have many distinct advantages which are experienced by its students. 

The faculty who teaches not only from text books, also from life experience , research and consulting experience.

An important part of the Crescent education is the interaction between faculty and students.

This dynamic and rewarding student-faculty- relationship is the key to attract students and also to attract top faculty from all around.

Tilok Chand,                                                         
President of The Governing Body of the Societ