Crescent Public School
Crescent Public School

Code of Conduct

We would like to define a code of conduct for our students to help them know what they should not do, in their dealings with their classmates, fellow students, teachers, parents and public and in their attitude towards work, school or private property.

Condition will be provided for exercising self-imposed discipline rather than getting things done through measuring unbecoming of a good school.

Pupil : He should be full of good will, concern warmth and affection for his classmates and other students of the school.

Pupil and teacher: a student of our school is expected to be respectful to his teachers. He should not be disobedient to them.

Pupil and work: He is supposed to do his homework with interest and utmost concentration. He should be regular in doing his written assignments as well as learning work.

Pupil and property: The care of school property should be uppermost in his mind, public property and he should also take care of property at home.

Pupil and School Authority: The authority of the school is respected by the students by obeying its rules and regulations.

Pupil and Public: C.P.S. hopes its students to diffuse their fragrance well in society by their courtesy, sense of responsibility and decent language. Their personality should be envy of one and all.