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The educational institutes run by Modern Education Society, Fatehabad you join will provide you with one of the best opportunities for fast-tracking your understanding of the environment and for developing the knowledge, skills and attitude required to become successful in life.

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Crescent Public school Fatehabad is run by Modern Education Society, Fatehabad.

The teaching of various subjects from class nursery onwards is non-mechanical. The concept of the subjects taught in the school is made clear to the children in a manner that they may get interested in these subjects.

The school has the conducive atmosphere for the teaching – learning process for the all round development of the pupils. Their personal experience added with curiosity stimulated by the contemporary staff to do work in the environment…


Future Plans

At Fatehabad where the Society has decided to run educational institutes in urban area surrounding with 5 towns & 50 villages having population approximate 4 lacs, is a great need of an education college, elementary education institute, a polytechnic institute and engineering college in this area . Keeping in view the requirement of the area , Society has decided to start, an education college and an elementary educational institute.